About us

Take care of the environment and the well-being of your family! This is my daily life - the founder of Estere Cosmetics, Jana Romanova. The brand was founded four years ago. Natural and vegan-friendly cosmetics are produced in Latvia. Each product is handmade.

The beginnings of Estere Cosmetics

The idea of ​​creating a brand of natural cosmetics came unexpectedly. A couple of years ago, I went on a trip to Thailand with my husband and eldest daughter Esther. On the first night, when I arrived at the hotel and opened my suitcase, I found that all my clothes were soaked with shampoo. We lived on the 26th floor of the hotel. For safety reasons, there was no way to open the window or hang wet clothes. Since we had to go to another city early in the morning the next day, we gave the clothes to the hotel staff to be washed, but this caused us additional expenses that we had not expected. At that time, I told my husband that if we had had shampoo in solid form with us, such a problem would not have happened. To which the husband replied that he had seen this type of hard shampoo somewhere. I must say that it was news to me, because years ago I had never seen hard shampoos on sale anywhere in Latvia.

After the trip, I found a solid shampoo made in England, but its composition was not the best, so I decided to try to make something myself, only with a natural composition. At that time, I was working in a health center, where the chemistry laboratory was also located. I told one of its employees about the idea of ​​solid shampoo. After a couple of months, the chemist calls me and says that the sample is ready. It must be said that the first copy was a small, brown speck. We understood that the shampoo needs a beautiful color and smell. We started experimenting with natural dyes: spirulina, turmeric, karkade tea and sea buckthorn oil. That's how we slowly found the right formula for our shampoos. It must be said that the interest from buyers was huge from the very beginning. Initially, we were unable to write delivery notes and take our products to stores. This idea had come to us at the right time and the right place.

Our inspiration - customers

In addition to solid shampoos, we have various other cosmetic products. Since in the first years we actively visited the fairs, buyers advised us what products they would like and what product characteristics they would like to sell. Thanks to them for that! Even now, we continue to actively communicate with our customers and ask for feedback and suggestions.

Produce while keeping the environmental impact in mind.

Since I am a mother of 3 children, I immediately knew that we would like to produce the most natural cosmetics from plant-based ingredients. When packaging cosmetics, we use metal and glass containers, as well as cardboard, which can then be easily recycled. We are close to the philosophy of zero waste or no packaging, so we think that there should be as little packaging as possible and that it can be recycled or reused. We are very pleased that in Latvia there is cooperation with packaging-free stores , where we can offer our customers our products without packaging or by weight.
Our products contain no ingredients of animal origin and nothing is tested on animals.

We will be happy if you also join the Esther family and start using products made with love in Latvia!