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Gift set "For beautiful hair"

Gift set "For beautiful hair"

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  • Made in Latvia
  • Vegan friendly
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  • 150 g

Set for your hair - hard shampoo for hair care, hard hair conditioner for hair nourishment and two stainless metal boxes, suitable for storing hard shampoo and conditioner.

The set includes:

Solid conditioner
Hard shampoo of choice
Screw-on metal box silver
Screw-on metal box white
Cardboard box and hemp hairs for softer transport

The solid hair conditioner is suitable for all hair types and is intended for intensive hair nourishment, it can also be used as a hair mask. It restores and strengthens damaged hair structure, prevents dandruff and moisturizes skin and hair.

Choose your real solid shampoo :

For men - suitable for hair and body

Chamomile - suitable for particularly sensitive and dry scalp

Lemongrass - suitable for normal and dry hair

Lavender - suitable for normal and dry hair, curly hair and especially liked by little girls

Orange-Mint - suitable for hair that quickly gets greasy at the roots, but dry at the ends

The stainless steel box is ideal for storing solid shampoo and conditioner. Especially useful for travel and the gym or taking with you to the pool.

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Četri vienā sanāca :)

Šis komplekts ir lielisks, jo, pimrkārt, saņem to, kas tev ir nepieciešams - šampūnu un kondicionieri, un, otrkārt, kastītes, ko pēc tam var izmantot, vienkārši liekot iekšā jaunu gabaliņu. Vienmēr ņemu līdzi ceļojumos - neaizņem daudz vietas un var ņemt arī rokas bagāžā! Lielisks risinājums!