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Small step fairy tale set for children

Small step fairy tale set for children

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  • Made in Latvia
  • Vegan friendly
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    The gift set includes:

    • GIANT coloring poster (can be colored by the whole family)
    • Solid shampoo for the little knights Chamomile
      or pink with lavender essential oil for the little princesses
    • Stainless metal box for storing shampoo
    • Aromatic sweet orange lip balm

    While coloring a picture, listen to a fairy tale and learn the small steps in saving the environment.


    The Sustainability Embassy IEBER.LV has created "The Fairytale of Small Steps" and now the 2nd part "The Fairytale City of Small Steps" has been released, for which the illustrator Silva Lipāne visualized the characters of the fairy tale to take you on a journey to get to know the small steps through a giant coloring poster.

    The ZERO WASTE pyramid is built from 5 steps. Find out about them together with the characters from the fairy tale of Little Steps. In it, the metal straw family will accompany you on a journey through 5 cabins, where you will learn useful ideas in each one that you can easily implement in your everyday life and, as a result, save the environment. To make learning the small steps towards sustainability full of joy, we offer you a large-format coloring poster in B1 size, so that the whole family - big or small - can be actively involved.

    Choose large-format coloring joy for your loved ones, which was created in Cēsis.

    Intended for children aged 3+.

    A great family activity for a rainy day. The size of the coloring poster is 100 x 70 cm. You will receive it folded, measuring 25 x 23.5 cm and placed in an envelope.

    Want to learn more? Listen to the latest adventures of the Mazo Soliši family .

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