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Tooth powder Activated carbon (gently effervescent)

Tooth powder Activated carbon (gently effervescent)

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  • Made in Latvia
  • Vegan friendly
  • Fast delivery
  • 35 g

Enriched with activated carbon, white clay and menthol.

Activated carbon is a unique natural absorbent - it literally absorbs toxins from the oral mucosa and
, in combination with white clay, works with double power!

Activated charcoal is able to remove dental plaque very effectively and together with white clay gives the teeth an exceptionally clean and smooth feeling. Activated carbon whitens teeth naturally !

Completely harmless and effective formula without peroxides, fluoride and synthetic fragrances.

  • Does not contain fluorine
  • Does not contain penalty
  • Activated charcoal - teeth whitening properties, removes plaque
  • Kaolin - absorbs toxins, prevents tartar formation and cleans teeth
  • Xylitol - suppresses the growth of pathogenic bacteria and does not affect the pH level in the oral cavity, moisturizes
  • Menthol - cools, gives fresh breath
  • Does not contain SLS and preservatives
  • 35 g tooth powder - for 4 weeks
  • Suitable for vegans, not tested on animals
  • Zerowaste packaging: metal recyclable can with screw cap (refillable). Does not contain plastic and does not create waste.

How to use: Dip a clean, lightly damp brush into the powder. Brush your teeth for two minutes, then rinse well. Use 1-2 times a day. We recommend choosing a brush with soft bristles. Make sure no water gets into the jar to avoid bacteria growth.

Video instruction for use.

Storage: 6 months from opening.

儭 By adding some other products from our store to the order of this product, you can receive free delivery . For purchases over 35, delivery to parcels in Latvia is free!

Product weight 35 g.
Metal box made in France, with EcoCert and COSMOS certificates (specially designed for storing cosmetics and food).

Composition/INCI: Xylitol , Calcium Carbonate , Caolin , Charcoal powder, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate (gentle foaming agent), Menthol.

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Customer Reviews

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Neparasts melnums :)))

Interesanta pieredze! L蘋dz 禳im neb蘋ju lietojis p贖lvera zobu pastas. K iescjs pie禳mucju pirmaj reiz izlietni! ;)))).
Putojas mreni (mazk k klasisks zobu pastas).
Gar禳a - pat蘋kama, mrena un maiga. Salikums ar mliem un mentolu ir jauks.
Konsistence - abraz蘋va- pc lieto禳anas tik tie禳m zobi gludi k nopulti.
Ra鱉otjiem iesaku papildint aprakstu ar foto vai video instrukciju iescjiem, jo nav 蘋sti skaidrs cik dzi躁i jiegremd zobubirste trauci. :)
M蘋nusi - bambusa zobubirste, ko nopirku tepat, krsojas no ogles jau pc pirms lieto禳anas reizes. Bails domt k t izskat蘋sies pc mne禳a :)))))

Santa Gri譟e
Jaunums man vannasistab

Patiesa izbr蘋na, ka smar鱉a un gar禳a ir maiga un pat蘋kama. Prsteidza, ka tik tri rodas putas. Esmu zobu pulvera iescja, bet j贖tu, jau tagad , ka pie zobupastas neatgriez蘋禳os. Smaidu.


Zobu pulveris ar aktivto ogli ir super蘋gs. Pat mans v蘋rs to ska lietot, kuram tdas lietas parasti ne visai pat蘋k! Maiga, pat蘋kama gar禳a. Puto tpat k ierasts ar zobu pastu un atstj idelu, t蘋ru zobu saj贖tu. Noteikti gribsim vl. Pat蘋k ar蘋 tas, ka var nopirkt un uzpild蘋t jau eso禳o bund鱉iu.

Zobu pulveris aktivta ogle.

Gribeju pateikt ka esmu star no zobu pulvera ar aktiveto ogli裸ezulats jau nedelas laika manams!綽 Pirms tam esu izm耀injusi citus l蘋dzek躁us,bet tie nav devu禳i tdu rezulttu k 禳is produkts!! :)

Zobu pulveris "Aktivizt ogle"

Lielisks produkts! Maigas putias. Pat蘋kama, neuzmc蘋ga gar禳a. Teicami pilda savu funkciju. Paldies!