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Tooth Powder Activated carbon (gently effervescent)

Tooth Powder Activated carbon (gently effervescent)

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  • Made in Latvia
  • Vegan friendly
  • Fast delivery
  • 85 g

Paper packaging with ZIP-LOCK closure, intended for filling and storing tooth powder.

朵 Enriched with activated carbon and white clay and menthol.
Activated carbon is a unique natural absorbent - it literally absorbs toxins from the oral mucosa. And - in combination with white clay, works with double energy!

Activated carbon is able to eliminate dental plaque very effectively, together with white clay, it gives the feeling of exceptionally clean and smooth teeth!
And what's more - activated charcoal naturally WHITENS teeth! Completely harmless and effective formula without peroxides, fluoride and synthetic fragrances.

  • Does not contain Fluorine;
  • Contains no penalty;
  • Activated charcoal - has teeth whitening properties, removes plaque;
  • Kaolin - absorbs toxins, prevents tartar formation and cleans teeth;;
  • Xylitol - suppresses the growth of pathogenic bacteria and does not affect the pH level in the oral cavity, moisturizes;
  • Menthol cooling, gives fresh breath;
  • Does not contain SLS and preservatives;
  • Suitable for vegans, not tested on animals.
  • Zero-waste packaging: Paper packaging with ZIP-LOCK closure.

Use: The packaging is designed to complement the tooth powder in a metal box. Keep the paper package with the zip-lock closed.

Dip a clean, slightly damp brush into the powder. Brush your teeth for two minutes, then rinse well. Use 1-2 times a day. We recommend choosing a brush with soft bristles. Make sure no water gets into the jar to avoid bacteria growth.

Storage: 6 months from opening.
Product weight 85g, Paper packaging with zip-lock closure.

INCI (Ingredients): Xylitol (xylitol) , Calcium Carbonate (calcium carbonate) , Caolin (kaolin) , Charcoal powder (activated carbon powder), Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate (gentle foaming agent),Menthol (menthol)

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